Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Pocket Full of Treasures – The Quadrants, Levenshulme Sunday 9th October 2016 11am-2pm.

What a splendid day! We had a really good turnout and were busy all day. The overall feel of the day, in the gorgeous October sunshine, was a buzzing community event.
The Friends of the Fallowfield Loop helped out enormously preparing the land in the run up to the event, making it look really welcoming, with David Beetham, Pam Flynn and Costel Harnasz helping out on the day and talking to people about the group. Incredible Edible Levenshulme weeded the community vegetable beds before-hand and Fiona Mitchell and Pauline Johnson were offering planting to children and adults on the day making the event feel really special. A huge thank you to all those involved and for the support from Sustrans! 
As people arrived they spent time chatting to Ali Gadeema and Martin Visceral, our spoken word artists, who helped them to create poems that accompanied their treasures in our ‘Gallery of Gilded Frames’ that Sharon Campbell was curating. Rachel Ramchurn offered some hands on clay experience making tiny treasures inspired by nature that could also go in the gallery. The works of art were made by a huge variety of ages, one of the golden frames even had a prized pair of football boots and a pack of cards in it for about half an hour, accompanied by the poem:

Grab a spade
And dig for Treasure
Precious as a Diamond

Brand new boots
Joining the club
Play to his hearts content 

Its Ace-The King!


I think the day is best summed up by this poem that Ali and Martin created on the day:

Sunday morning and
A Pocketful of treasures
Bless my day's journey

Tiny pirate chest 
A pocketful of treasures
A sky full of sun

Mellow chords and beats
A pocketful of treasures
Ears full of music

Increadible Feats
A pocketful of treasures
Soil full of Life                                                                                                                          

Moulding the magic
A pocketful of treasures
Hands full of soft clay

People connecting
This is the real treasure

Sunday morning and
A pocketful of treasures
Bless my day's journey

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