Monday, September 5, 2016

Meet The Artists...


Sharon Campbell is an Artist based in Manchester and Co Created The award winning Chandelier of Lost Earrings in 2014.
Working in the field of contemporary visual art and architectural glass design Sharon creates public artworks and process led projects.  Her focus is on engaging local communities and building communities. Sharon’s work often uses narratives of the personal everyday familiars, which resonate with/connect people, drawing out the extraordinary from seemingly ordinary stories, moments and objects, creating transformational works, which speak of a sense of place, identity and community.
You can see more of Sharon's work at:

Rachel Ramchurn is a Wood Sculptor based in Nottingham. Rachel carves with a chainsaw and then shapes the wood using power tools before finally hand sanding to create a beautiful tactile finish.
Her work is inspired by natural shapes and forms. Rachel enjoys working with the public to create final pieces that participants have inspired.

You can see more of Rachel's work at:

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