Tuesday, September 20, 2016

'A Pocket Full Of Treasures'...A poem by Jonathan Power.

The Head Teacher at Chapel Street Primary School agreed to write a poem for us using the words that children from the Reception and Nursery classes came up with during the workshops.


Beautiful, curvy sculptures
so cozy and cute,
spiral on sharp-edged rocks…
There’s a snail !

…and a lovely golden flower
with green leaf lines,
so smooth…
…NICE, I like it!

Now an angry, big slug
crawls in the woodland
with caterpillars and a spider,
on the dirty, scaly cracks
of tough, spiky rocks..

Shapes in the garden
bendy and round,
as the moose and owl
circle leaf imprints
by the flowery trees
so rosy,

and we open our hearts
to the spiky patterns
on yet another flat leaf…

…So SPECIAL – because I made it myself.

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