Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Pocketful Of Treasures on the Loop 

A Short Film from the creative day event on The Fallowfield Loop October 2016

A great creative event on the Loop in Levenshulme, much can be seen in previous posts.

We were lucky to have student film maker, Connor Wheelan volunteer to film the event and putting together a short film of the day. 
Connor had a very good light touch approach with everyone, confidently interviewing people blending into the day very well, he will go far with his easy way with people. 

Connor only had a short time available to make the film, before other paid work and his studies took over, so this is his work in progress. (Click on link below)  I feel it captures the event well...

Film - Pocketful Of Treasures - Fallowfield Loop Levenshulme

no credits have been added onto the film yet, so here they are now:                                 

With Thanks to all who feature in this Film, 

Connor Wheelan - film maker
Local residents from Levenshulme who by coming to the event made it possible,
Ali Gadema and Martin Visceral - Spoken Word Artists
Sustrans for supporting the event of the cycle track - called Fallowfield Loop,
The Fields of the Fallowfield Loop, 
Incrediable Edible Levenshulme 
Radio ALLfm - Andrew Edwards Artbeat
Supported by Manchester City Council Neighbourhood Investment Fund

Thank you for watching 
Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn 

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